No Bones Demos

by Leaks/Mirrors

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released December 21, 2014

Drums - Steve K
Bass - Mike D
Lead Guitar - Damon K
Vocals / Guitar - Pete M

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Scott Wolff,
Artwork - Michi Ordonez,



all rights reserved


Leaks/Mirrors New York

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Track Name: ABC Gum (Already Been Chewed)
I’m chewed gum
I’m chopped beef
I’m everything you wish to never have to eat
So I’ll pass through your lips
To make a fire in your belly
Sew a swelling in your hips

I’m the ache in your knees
On a rainy wretched gray depressing morning
I’m prick, regretting it
Doing the only thing I was taught to do

I’m the glasses that you need
Cause your eyes are fucking outta shape you see
Though you hate me
I know you’re gonna thank me for not leaving you

She asked me last night
To return back home with her
Burn in the sun for her
To set myself on fire

My body aches for Christmas carols,
Oh Thumbelina,
A fable and a novel
Rolled into a nightmare
Track Name: Versus Me
There’s a fear I can’t find
But it sits itself inside
Grabs my bones
Like a snake in the grass and rattles them

I shake
With my windows open
I shake
As a blizzard tears through night
I shake
Your walls are frozen
I shake
As it drowns away your breath

I open the door as you kick it off its hinge
I’m reading you to sleep as you’re setting flames to it
It’s a board game I play with myself
on both sides of the table
I've managed to checkmate my better half

I've managed to checkmate my better half
I've managed to checkmate my better half
Track Name: The Ones I Still Dream Of
This is how we spend our time
The decades plucked like grapes off vines
Crushed into wine
Save it for a more suitable time
You stow it away, bracing for a crushing frost

Scraping to do all the things you still love
Racing home to see all the ones you still love

And perplexed by the ones you still dream of
And perplexed by the ones you still dream of

My organs turn like a screw
Plunging deeper it’s like gravity grew
6 more arms to pull me down
30 fingers wrestle me to the cold ground

I want my face on a milk box for just a while
I’ll come back after I
Find what lies behind this wall I’m yelling at
Track Name: When Nonsense Makes Sense
Are you still afraid of home?
Do you parents still chase the morning sun?
I hear there’s new paint on the wall
I’ve heard nothing at all

My days would be better spent on the beach
Digging in the sand or under the sea
Marine life and I live similarly
I breathe so seldomly

Have you ever spoken to your shadow?
Mine sings me songs, he’s so sociable
But when I turn out the light he just disappears
Being alone is my only fear

Have you seen of cities under the streets?
Do you wanna come live there with me?
We’d never worry about the sun
It’ll never go down it will never come up
We will learn to see in the dark
We’ll create we’ll make the finest art
I’d put some new paint on my walls
You’ll put some new paint on the walls
We’ll live to see it all
Track Name: Spokes
Oh darling try to slice my throat
To hold your wheels, between the spokes
Old baseball cards for motor growls
The dust kicks up, the sun's blocked out
The surf engulfs our beach towels
The umbrella's blown away but
City trash and chili fries have called
Me back home again
And I’m right there, I‘m in your bed.

There is no north or south at all
My compass flips from side to side
Oh west and east you leave so much
Of a task for me to fill the space that's empty
With wings upon your feet
By walk you meant to fly
By fly meant to sail
And sail you meant to leave this city

I am paint without a canvas
A frame without a scene
A flame without a wick
A clock without a tick

I feel I could survive here
On water bread and wine
You're holding a camera
I’m butchering the swine

I know we can survive here
Follow Paris’ city lights.
But I've found a way out of here
We’ll have to fly
with wings upon your feet